Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation (SDI)

Growers and Farmers all over the world are always looking at new, alternative, and more efficient methods of irrigation.  Most irrigation systems perform at 60-80% uniformity and many have limitations such as:

  • center pivots do not cover the corners of the field,
  • irrigation reels which loose about 45% of their water to evaporation and run-off, and
  • wheel-lines and hand lines, which are inefficient, and also labor intensive.

Some large farms in Alberta have been adapting to Sub Surface Drip Irrigation (SDI) systems.  SDI is not a new concept; farmers have successfully been irrigating by this method for more than 20 years, and have been showing increased production, increased efficiency, less labor, and less water consumption.  SDI systems have the added benefit of enabling growers to apply fertilizer, and to a limited extent, some pesticides.

Common crops in which SDI systems have successfully been used are; alfalfa, corn, hemp, potatoes, tobacco, soybeans, cotton, and many more.

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation is the perfect solution for pivot corners, small or odd-shaped fields where a pivot cannot be installed, or in areas where water supply is limited.  Sub-surface drip can be installed at depths of up to 18”, and will provide reliable, uniform, and efficient irrigation for more than 20 years, practically maintenance free.

Case studies on Subsurface Drip Irrigation available to download (PDF Format):
SDI on Corn                                         SDI on Alfalfa   
SDI on Corn                   SDI on Alfalfa
Alfalfa Field Day Video 


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