Irrigation dripline set up in a field of young blueberries

Southern Irrigation first made a mark as a specialist in drip irrigation in 1987. We have grown as a company to include knowledge and products in all areas of water transfer, but our drip irrigation expertise is unparalleled.

Drip Irrigation is the most effective irrigation system as it delivers water directly to the root zone of the plant via a system of pipes, valves, tubing and emitters. As a result, this method provides little to zero water waste, saving both money and time.

Southern Drip Irrigation carries dripline manufactured by Netafim. This dripline uses the most advanced technology available. This technology results in near-perfect uniformity from the first dripper to the last, unparalleled clogging resistance and the lowest regulating pressure.

Our dripline is available with many options to suit the requirements of your crop; wall thickness, flow rate, dripper spacing, and diameter. For your convenience, our dripline is also available with preinstalled vine clips which allow the dripline to be hung from a suspension wire.

When this dripline is combined with a proper design from one of our certified designers and installed by one of our recommended installers, the result is an extremely efficient and dependable irrigation system that will perform flawlessly year after year.


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