Components Overview

System Components are an integral part of your irrigation system. The simple and proven design of our polyethylene tubing, filters, pressure regulators, air vents, flow meters, valves and controllers means longer life and trouble-free operation. Each component is manufactured with the highest quality controls – ensuring maximum irrigation system performance and reliability.

Polyethylene Tubing – reflective UV white polyethylene tubing is completely opaque to prevent algae growth and provide cooler water temperatures enhancing plant growth – the ideal choice for supply lines.

Filters – from manual disc filters to large automatic filters, Netafim’s advanced filtration technologies will add years of performance to the life of your system.

Pressure Regulators – provide an instant response to variations in pressure assuring constant outlet pressure and the simple one-piece sealed regulating unit is easy to maintain and field replaceable.

Air Vents – each air vent allows gradual opening and closing for the most efficient control of air providing maximum system protection.

Flow Meters – designed to provide the most accurate and reliable flow readings, our flow meters have an open water passage resulting in very low headloss and dependable performance.

Valves – superior hydraulic performance providing high resistance to fertilizers and chemicals, offering ease of operation and reliability in both AC and DC options.

Controllers – Control valves and other flow control devices automatically with a controller to save labour and provide precise water management which result in higher production and increased profit.

Manual Disc Filters DiscKleen FiltersSand Filters
Pressure Regulating ValvesDorot Valves


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