Landscape Drip

Irrigation landscape drip set up on city boulevardThe Techline family of Netafim dripline irrigation system is designed to feed your landscape with the slow, steady application of water they need to thrive. Netafim drip irrigation products radiate water throughout the soil, delivering water directly to the plant’s root zone. Netafim dripperline is flexible tubing with highly sophisticated drippers permanently installed to the inside wall of the tubing. The drippers emit a very specific amount of water, very slowly, at a low pressure, directly to the root zone of the plant. The result is a lush yet water-saving landscape that grows to maturity much faster, without the worry of sprinklers overspraying, underspraying, getting broken off, or not watering plants because the plants are blocking the spray.

Netafim Drip Irrigation Advantages

  • Brings fuller blooms and greater beauty with your annuals and perennials. Mature plants and shrubs grow fuller and healthier.
  • Saves water (30% to 70% when compared to sprinklers) because water is immediately available to the root zone and isn’t wasted through evaporation, wind, overspray, mist or surface run-off.
  • Eliminates stains on houses and fences as well as slippery sidewalks.
  • Foliage is kept dry, reducing plant fungal diseases. Unsightly brown spots on roses and other flowers is eliminated since spray never touches the plants.
  • The dripperline’s flexibility adapts to any planting shape, solving the problem of oddly shaped and hard-to-water areas.
  • Installation methods include laying the tubing on the ground, then stapling it down and covering it with mulch or burying it up to 6” deep.

Download Netafim Techline CV Brochure:







View an On-Surface Installation Tutorial:

View a Recent Subsurface Sportsield Installation in Edmonton, Alberta:

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