Haskap Berries

Irrigation on haskapsSouthern Irrigation is the leading supplier of irrigation systems for haskap berries.

Haskap berries, or lonicera caerulea, are becoming an increasingly popular crop in the Canadian Prairies due to their exceptional winter hardiness. Haskaps can survive winter temperatures to -45C the flowers can withstand -11C. The taste is somewhere between a raspberry, blueberry and elderberry. In recent years the Haskap has been classified as a superfood, due to its antioxidant properties and other health benefits. It is in high demand in places such as Japan where the haskap is well known and is considered a delicacy.

Our certified designers can meet you on site and provide an efficient irrigation design for haskaps that conserves water and saves money.

Our drip irrigation products from Netafim contain the latest technology available.

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