Spray stake irrigation for containers

With hand watering a thing of the past, Netafim container irrigation solutions take container irrigation to the next level. Netafim’s CNL Drippers feature both pressure compensation and a built-in check valve. This technology ensures that every plant will receive exactly the same amount of water and fertilizer regardless of where the plant is located within the system. Each dripper adjusts itself automatically to the system pressure and elevation so that even on rolling or sloped ground, the uniformity of watering is 94%. The built-in check valve prevents unwanted drainage of the irrigation system onto the lowest plants when the watering cycle is completed.

Spray Stake Assemblies

The Spray Stake irrigation pattern is specifically designed to match the shape of the pot and provide a precise amount of water and fertilizer directly to the plant. The pattern wets the soil surface evenly to maximize the soil’s water retention and evenly release liquid or timed-release fertilizers. Over-spray or water run-off is eliminated saving water, energy and fertilizer costs.

Dripper irrigation assembly for containersDripper Assemblies

Dripper Assemblies for container irrigation have many advantages over hand watering – most importantly saving time and money while improving plant quality. Whether the containers are small or large, our drip irrigation systems are designed and engineered to provide you with irrigation solutions you can rely on day after day.


Visit us in store at one of our locations in Western Canada, and get set up with your drip assembly today! We are currently located in Chilliwack, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Oliver.

Spray Stakes cnl assemblies

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