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Netafim Irrigation
Ocmis Irrigation Reels
Other Manufacturers

  Netafim logo PNG



   Streamline Dripline             Typhoon Dripline            Dripnet 25mil DriplineStreamlineTyphoonDripnet25

Dripnet 45mil Dripline             Uniram Dripline              Techline CV Dripline





CNL Dripper Assemblies          Spinnet Sprinklers                Spray Stakes
cnl assemblies Spinnets Spray Stakes
Slimline Hanging Baskets        Manual Disc Filters          Disc-Kleen Automatic Filters
Hanging BasketsManual Disc Filters DiscKleen Filters
Apollo Automatic Filters      Pressure Regulating Valves     FertiKit Injector
Apollo Automatic Filters
Pressure Regulating Valves FertiKit      
Meganet Sprinklers                PolyNet Pipe                        Sand Filters
PolyNet     Sand FiltersMeganet Sprinklers
Octave Flow Meters             Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation
Octave     PMDI




                    R1/1                               R2/1                                    VR3
Ocmis R1     Ocmis R2/1     Ocmis VR3
                 VR4                                    VR5                                     VIR6
Ocmis VR4     Ocmis VR5     Ocmis VIR6
             VIR7                                            VR8A                                       VIR8A
ocmis VIR7     ocmis VR8A     ocmis VIR8a 135x550 
                 MicroRain                       Sime Big Sprinklers      PTO Pumps
Microrain     Sime Impact Sprinklers     PTO Pumps

Other Manufacturers

Hannay Hose Reels                         Pipe Clamps
Hannay Hose Reels Pipe Clamps
MixRite Injectors                     Dorot Nylon Valves          Mazzei Venturi Injectors
MixRite Injectors Dorot Valves
Mazzei Injectors
 Infiltrator Septic Tanks         UV Light Disinfection       Dual Wall Pipe
Plastic Septic Tanks UV Disinfection Dual Wall Pipe
Potable Water Tanks        Anka Washdown Nozzles    Cap & Base Column Sets
Infiltrator Potable Water Tanks Anka Washdown Nozzles Cap and Base Column Sets
 Aquatic Aeration               Duraslope Trench Drain          Jobe Float Valves 
 AerationDuraslopeJobe Float Valves
Sidewinder Storage Reels     Transfer & Drag Hose    Sprinkler Gun Carts
Hose Storage Reel     Transfer and Drag Hose     Spinkler Gun Carts
Automatic Screen Filters     Blue Labs pH&EC                 Kupferle Hydrants
Automatic Screen Filter     Blue Labs       Kupferle Hydrants     

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